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       Lenny & Lisa Israel are a faith based Hip Hop group. They are partners in music, life, & love. This dynamic duo has come together in a punchline packed powerhouse of an album. The original infectious beats & dope lyrics of this pair are unforgettable to say the least. After the completion of his first 2 albums & attaining some spiritual clarity, Crazy8 transformed himself into Lenny Israel. He felt that he had surpassed a certain level of maturity with his music & refused to be a part of the destruction of the art form of Hip Hop, itself. 


       Lenny Israel is a verbal force to be reckoned with in his charismatic delivery of prose & poetic prowess. He has the ability to skillfully weave words together like stitches on the finest garments. Brightness & potency with a direct approach and no candy coatings are a part of his supercharged style. Lisa Israel was born & raised in Atlanta, GA, in the height of some of the greatest music being produced. She started writing poetry at the age of 12 as an outlet for being so quiet. Growing up very sheltered, it took her a while to build her confidence, but Lenny kept working with her every chance he got. Under the close tutelage of Lenny, Lisa blossomed into a wordsmith in her own right. 


        The painstaking & arduous task of cracking her shell was worth it. She quickly developed her own style taking heed to her teacher. Lenny encouraged her to not be afraid of her gift of logistical verbal warfare. He saw an untapped volcano of spoken wordplay wrapped in fluid similes with a Southern West Coast delivery. She gained more confidence when a fan from Washington, D.C. told her she reminded him of Lauryn Hill. She became self~proclaimed as the "California Georgia Peach" soon after her confidence started to skyrocket. Their 1st project, "Looking Good, Feeling Good" was a sensation & had folks all over Las Vegas begging for more. After the completion of that record, while being compared to 'Tobe & Fat'  & 'OutKast', they were told, "There is nothing like you & the world needs to hear you. The two rappers took that to heart & began work on their 1st album, "Down by Law", which is currently available on all platforms.


       The record concepts & ideas just started pouring out like a flood. They had so many musical blueprints, that before they knew it they'd already fallen into the planning stages of their 2nd album. Lenny & Lisa believe in the upliftment of the people by solving communal issues by holding up the mirror to yourself in the face of adversity & bettering the person you see. They sing & use their voices for good & positivity and not defamation, degradation, & destruction.

       They believe in the healing power of music & use their talents to benefit all who hear it. The music they create is energetic, soul shaking, honest, good vibe music that can be played on every music outlet from mainstream radio & movie soundtracks to the family BBQ where everyone of all ages can sing along. Lenny & Lisa use their voices to speak & reap life as reflective of their music. This power couple has been crowned The King & Queen of Hip Hop of Omaha. The Jay-Z & Beyoncé of Omaha. Some fans have, even, said they are better than the rulers of Roc Nation. The love, divine lyricism, high vibrations & explosive energy of the new Royal Couple is taking the world by storm.



       Crazy8 is the backbone behind the inception of the Unstable Records label as an entity from the foundational building blocks of Hip Hop like break dancing, graffiti, free styling, & cyphers. Take a look into the mind of a lyrical genius in some of his own words. "At age twelve listening to the likes of LL Cool J. Run-Dmc, NWA, & Ice T. lead me to write my first rap, it was a four-bar verse. To this day, I could spit that little verse and my homeboys will laugh with remembrance." Proclaims Crazy8.


       With his music, he expresses life through his eyes, while representing all aspects of the streets, from drug dealing to working a 9 to 5. "I just spit about what I've seen & what I've been through while I ride on life's roller coaster, dealing with the daily struggle. Rap music is all about representing & I want to be a major player in putting my city on the hip hop map." Crazy8 moved away from Omaha in 1994 after the death of a close friend. As life spiraled down-hill for him, he was in need of a change. He made that change by joining the Navy. "I was doing pretty bad. I was temporarily living with my sister & the police were looking for me, I had two choices, & they were, end up dead or in jail. I was even contemplating robbin' a bank. So, I just made the most positive move I could’ve made." 


       He headed to the Northwest where he lived outside of Seattle. He performed in a few shows after being put on the local music scene by an up-and-coming artist. He received rave reviews & praise from fans, but he didn't think the Northwest was the place for him. In 1997, he relocated to Southern California, where he got more shows under his belt, while paying dues trying to accomplish his dream of owning his own record label. "I was living in Oxnard, Ca. & met some cats who dug my style. Then we formed a group called The Horde. They really made me step my game up, cuz they were serious. The Horde & I did a song called “805” while in Oxnard, CA & it got a lot of radio play." Motivated to complete a solo project, he purchased some production equipment to create more original music to fit his style of rap. He started writing & producing for his debut album & extremely hot single, both entitled Handle Mine. This self-taught producer created 90% of this 14-track masterpiece. 


       The Handle Mine album is a well-rounded, solid as concrete, positive piece of work. "I just write about what I'm going through and how I'm feeling at the time. I'm mainly trying to please myself. I have to be happy with my work first before I can share it with the world." Sharing with the world is exactly what he does on songs like: "World Thru My Eyes," "U Can't Get Out The Game," "Evolution," "Which Way Iz Up," and "It's Hard To Understand." These tracks speak about different aspects of life from a street point-of-view. "I am growing daily & becoming more comfortable with sharing my heart & my mind through my music. Most of my music is a bit gangsterous but I try to put a twist on the gangster and the gentleman that both try to escape when I write while speaking on everyday life, wait ‘til my next album! “Handle Mine” got the attention of MTV & they contacted me while I was in Greece. No deal came from it, but it was awesome knowing that my music got the attention of MTV." Crazy8 relinquishes his thoughts using his unpredictably unique flow fueled by agony, adversity, & life altering experiences that are sure to please the masses of rap fans & stay in cd decks & MP3s everywhere.

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