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       In 1994, Unstable Records was born & incepted from the mind of a young man who saw greatness in the art of Hip Hop, as well as the untapped greatness of his city. The Great Plains city of Omaha, NE. Being raised in the midst of the beginnings of  the Hip Hop culture, the sparkle of lyrical eloquence grew within this young man to use his voice to tell rhythmic stories in the verbally colorful fashion of literary greats like Walter Mosley & Donald Goines. 

       Crazy8, an Omaha native whose goal is to get notoriety for himself and his music in the rap world, & to also open doors for the rest of his crew the Unstable Citizens. When you think of Omaha, Nebraska you might think of country living and cornfields, however, if you ask Paul James aka Crazy8 about his hometown he’ll tell you facts to make you think differently about the Midwest. "I'm from the North Side of Omaha and it's just like any other city I've been to. Omaha has a real street atmosphere equipped with its hustlers, killers, pimps, gang members, and thugs just like everywhere else, but on a smaller scale.”


       Crazy8 has travelled the world representing Omaha, NE. every step of the way. From backyard boogies in the 'hoods of San Diego, Long Beach & Compton, CA. to clubs in Greece & Spain. His style, delivery, & presence have both impressed & intimidated in the same breathe. As one of the founding members of the Oxnard, CA group, 'The Horde', Crazy8 took the steps to get their music on the local radio station. These artists wrote a city anthem for Oxnard, CA & it was a huge hit. The group was forced to disband due to being sent to various duty stations around the globe. Crazy8 continued to push forward with his music career like a man with a master plan with his transfer to San Diego, CA. While in San Diego he served his country in the United States Navy everyday full time & went out at night to promote & sell his music. Armed with nothing more than professionally produced CDs, an original midwest flow, a 9mm pistol, & unadulterated  hustle, he worked to get his music heard. 


       Crazy8 was on a steam roll with his music & label promotion in San Diego when he was deployed to Greece. The small island of Crete became his oyster & he reached a pinnacle of sometimes doing up to 6 shows in the course of one night. He was a bonafide rap star on the island & was given the name Pavlos The Black. DJs played his music in full rotation & asked him to get on the mic every time he was in a club. The dance floors full of fans would go ballistic whenever he touched a mic. One night, backstage at a meet & greet he learned how he was admired by fans across the globe. A fan from Macedonia told him, "You are my new favorite American rapper! More than 50 Cent! I can't believe I'm getting to meet you!" In pure superstar status, Crazy8 took the record label T-shirt off his back & gave it to him. The fan replied, "I will keep this forever! You are the best!"  


       Crazy8 & the international catapult of Unstable Records was forced to a screeching halt due to findings of military conflict. Because of this fact, Unstable Records holds the rights to the 1st & only rap album to have been confiscated by the U.S Government. Read all about the album on the Unstable Citizen Music page. 







Stay Unstable Citizens!


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