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Original Body Oils
All natural, chemical free alternatives to perfumes. Long lasting, original scents that are sure to turn heads. You won't find any "Butt Naked" or  "Sex on the Beach" here. Find your new favorite today!!

Men, women, unisex & even the little ones can smell all regal with Persican Body Blends' Original Body Oils!!

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Luscious Lip Balms
Hand poured, all natural moisturizing lip balms that will put a smile on your face & happiness on your mind. You'll never wanna leave home without it!

Available in 3 delicious flavors to keep your kisser ready at all times! Make you wanna kiss yourself!


Donna H.

Las Vegas, NV

I have very sensitive skin with mild to moderate rosacea. I tried the "Almond Joi" body butter on my face. It's very soothing & the redness disappeared after using it just 1 or 2 days. Not even expensive prescription cream could achieve that. Thank you Persican Body Blends! 

Katherine F. 

Carson, CA

"The body butters are the best

I have ever used & the "Carpet Renew" is like magic. Plus, it doubles as a foot/shoe powder!"

Agnes P.

Dallas, TX

Persican Body Blends  is lusciousness defined. Nika's soaps smell absolutely divine & they get the job done, too! I've loved her body goodies for almost a decade & they just keep getting better! The "Island Delight" bar soap makes me NEVER want to get out of the shower!

Jeffrey B.

Las Vegas, NV

Persican Body Blends' products have the most unique & amazing scents  that I can't find anywhere else. The fragrances are powerful without being overbearing. The multi-uses of the spritzes & creams save me money! The soaps lather up very well & really agree with my skin; not leaving it dry & tight, but smooth & clean.

"Beautify your Mind, Body, & Soul!"

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